October 30, 2013 – North Central Texas Council of Governments Public Meeting November 7, 2013

On Thursday November 7, 2013 NCTCOG will be having a public meeting at McClendon Elementary School in Nevada, with an open house starting at 6:00pm and the presentation and public comments starting at 6:30pm. They will be addressing the feasibility study that has been commissioned to examine the need for transportation improvements and to identify potential projects in the Blacklands Corridor. This is a multimodal analysis based on current and projected levels of congestion in this quickly growing part of North Central Texas. The Blacklands Corridor feasibility study area is an area that is approximately 35 miles long and 440 square miles and includes portions of Collin, Dallas, and Hunt counties. For more information on this meeting, and the study, please click here.

October 28, 2013 — Dallas Business Journal Article

Texas Turnpike Corporation was excited to be contacted by the Dallas Business Journal in order to submit some comments concerning the Blacklands Turnpike. The web version of the article is available now, the print edition will be on newsstands soon with comments from Texas Turnpike Corporation President John Crew.



October 17, 2013 – On The Road: A Symposium on Transportation

Tribune Festival: On The Road Transportation Symposium

Texas Turnpike Corporation is excited to sponsor On The Road: A Symposium on Transportation taking place October 17th, 2013 at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. The symposium will consist of a series of panels that include speakers such as House Transportation Committee Chair Rep. Larry Phillips and member Rep. Linda Harper-Brown as well as Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, TxDOT commission chair Ted Houghton and agency executive director Phil Wilson. Topics will include transportation policy, funding and planning transportation at different levels, and the future of transportation. The event is free and all are welcome to join by RSVPing here.

October 9, 2013 – “Texas Transportation Infrastructure – Needs and Numbers”

Texas Transportation Institute DirectorDuring the midst of the Texas Municipal League’s Annual Conference in Austin, members of the Texas Turnpike Corporation team embraced having so many public officials from all over Texas in one place and hosted a dinner and presentation featuring Dr. Dennis Christiansen.

Dr. Christiansen is the agency director of the Texas Transportation Institute and is one of the foremost experts on transportation in the United States.  His presentation entitled “Texas Transportation Infrastructure – Needs and Numbers” is a comprehensive and enlightening production that gives insight into the current and future needs Texas has for maintaining transportation infrastructure as well as the current lack of funding. Everyone in attendance also received the Urban Land Institute‘s booklet “When the Road Price Is Right” that expands on the subject nationwide. City officials from all over the state were in attendance and each left with a renewed interest in exploring funding options for transportation infrastructure needs, including working with private firms to get the needs addressed quickly.

March 17, 2013: Greenville Herald-Banner Runs Guest Editorial on Proposed Blacklands Turnpike.

John Crew, President of Texas Turnpike Corporation, had the recent opportunity to submit a guest editorial addressing concerns of the proposed Blacklands Turnpike, a four-lane toll road between Lavon and Greenville. In his editorial, Mr. Crew detailed the transportation challenges and needs facing north central Texas. He also took this opportunity to explain how and why the proposed Blacklands Turnpike would help address those infrastructure challenges. Crew’s article appeared in the Sunday, March 17th, 2013 edition of the Greenville Herald-Banner.

Click here to read the article online.

February 5, 2013: Meeting with Dr. Jones; Making the Case to Texas A&M/Commerce President.

Following the Commerce Lions Club luncheon, Neal, John and Steve met with Dr. Jason Lee Davis, Texas A&M/Commerce Associate Professor of Engineering & Technology, to discuss the project. They were later joined by Dr. Delbert Horton, the Chairman of the Sulphur River Regional Mobility Authority (SRRMA) for an hour-long meeting.

Afterward, the group made its way across campus to the office of Dr. Dan Jones, President of Texas A&M Commerce. During the informational meeting, John, Neal and Steve brought Dr. Jones up to date on the proposed Blacklands Turnpike. While stopping short of any formal endorsement of the project, President Jones expressed his concerns for the economy of the region and the City of Commerce, and his support for infrastructure improvements that would aid students in their commutes to the University.

Respected Hunt County Judge John Horn has given his enthusiastic support to the proposed Blacklands Turnpike. In a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, Judge Horn commented, “I think the opportunity it brings for the eastern part of the North Texas region is very positive, and not just for Hunt County, but with collateral benefits for the counties east of us.”

February 5, 2013: Neal Barker, Texas Turnpike Corporation, Speaks at Commerce Lions Club; TTC Explains Blacklands Turnpike to Civic Group.

Neal Barker, of Texas Turnpike Corporation, addressed the local Lions Club in Commerce, TX this past Tuesday. Neal had the opportunity to share the vision of the proposedBlacklands Turnpike with about fifty interested residents. He presented a PowerPoint explanation of the possible four-lane toll road and declared that the State of Texas must meet the serious challenges of a rapidly growing population.

In his well-received talk, Neal outlined what growth would mean for the state’s already-stressed highways and bridges. “Traffic congestion is only going to get worse as more people move to Texas in the coming years,” he said. “The opportunity before us is to prepare for this coming growth in ways that make sense and will help us improve our quality of life in North Central Texas.”

Neal was joined at the noon luncheon by Texas Turnpike Corporation President John Crew and partner Stephen McCullough. Neal and John answered questions from the audience for about 20 minutes following Neal’s remarks.

January 26, 2013: County Commissioner Jay Atkins Hosts Public Forum; Caddo Mills Citizens Voice Concerns.

Three days after casting the lone vote against the proposed Blacklands Turnpike, Precinct Two County Commissioner Jay Atkins hosted his regularly scheduled constituent meeting on Saturday, January 26, 2013. Approximately 140 residents turned out to voice their opposition to the project. Com. Atkins made his opposition–and his previous vote–also clear, although he repeatedly conceded that the coming growth in population of Texas–and especially North Central Texas–was an inescapable reality and that something must be done to relieve traffic congestion in the region. Opponents described concerns regarding homes and property value, fearing their quiet way of life would be jeopardized.

Throughout the two-hour meeting, Turnpike advocates Neal Barker and Stephen McCullough remained calm and respectful and answered dozens of questions with grace and poise. Many of these questions–and their answers–can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section of www.cottonbeltcorridor.com.

January 23, 2013: Greenville Meeting Packed; Concerned Citizens Turn Out for Public Hearing.

Hunt County Judge John Horn presided over a sometimes emotional public hearing on the subject of the proposed Blacklands Turnpike on January 23, 2013. While many spoke against the measure, there were also supporters, including a spokeswoman for the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, who shared the results of an overwhelming vote from the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. She pointed out that the Chamber supported the proposed toll road because it would not increase the tax burden, would help to improve the infrastructure of the region and enhance economic opportunity in the City of Greenville and surrounding communities.

Opponents spoke of likely dislocations, property values and short notice concerning the possible highway construction project.

January 21, 2013: Sachse City Council hears from Turnpike Supporters.

Neal Barker, John Crew and Steve McCullough from Texas Turnpike Corporation presented their proposal for the “Blacklands Turnpike” to city officials during a 7:30 pm meeting of the City Council on January 21, 2013. Their proposal was well-received by city councilors.