We’re the Texas Turnpike Corporation. We work to build a better future for our state because we’re from here, we love Texas, and we care deeply about its people—your families, your jobs, your hopes and dreams.

With integrity and experience, we pursue a great vision for an even greater Texas. The new roads and bridges we construct serve to modernize our state’s infrastructure and pave the way to more and better jobs, schools, hospitals and communities.


By connecting Texans.

The projects we begin today facilitate the opportunities and quality of life that our children and grandchildren deserve to inherit.


Because it’s what our ancestors did for us. They came to Texas not to flee change but to embrace and harness it. The men and women who settled this diverse land came as pioneers. They arrived with bright eyes, strong hearts and tireless hands, determined to forge from this place a life of prosperity. Through connecting to the land, they connected to each other.

It is in this persevering tradition that we do the same.

And it’s why we invite you to join us in building a better future for all of Texas.

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